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Cormorant’s Fancy tailors every show to its venue, including high-energy St. Paddy’s parties and other all-Irish celebrations, authentic all-Scottish programs including Burns Suppers, fun sing-along events, romantic wedding sets, lively tunes for dancers and ceilidhs, laid-back restaurant sets, pumped-up pub shows, engaging school and children's presentations, lovely Celtic Christmas programs, happy New Year’s events (Hogmanay), and Celtic worship services too! Add to these endless combinations of the band’s styles. We present a full array of workshops as well! 

What will you find at a Cormorant's Fancy show? You'll experience lots of clapping, toe-tapping and singing along. You'll laugh out loud, and feel a tear in your eye. You'll notice the audience hanging on every word of an unaccompanied ballad and cheering for a rousing anthem. You'll see Meg transformed from a lovelorn lass, to an Irish patriot in high fervor, to a grief-stricken sweetheart, and back to that lass. You won't be surprised to see spontaneous dancing in open spaces. You'll smile at children and the young-a-heart invited to join the band as guest percussionists on a set of jigs and reels. You'll simply have a fantastic time!

Venues and reviewers have characterized Cormorant's Fancy as "spellbinding," "with a knack for gorgeous arrangements." Their range from tenderly passionate love songs to growling soul-stirrers, and from captivating a cappella to swirling instrumentals propels audiences into the living Celtic tradition. Cormorant's Fancy's compelling cross-generational lineup unites the past, present, and future, so that whether they are stirring the crowd from the festival or concert stage, gracing a wedding, leading the pub in song, or accompanying step dancers, their music rings true. They’ve been called “the area’s most energetic” Celtic band, yet they do it all with finesse!

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